This pandemic has been very long and hard for lots of people, for lots of different reasons.

Here at TDLS we are very risk adverse (which should be good news for our clients) and we are therefore maintaining strict policies in line with government guidance.

Meets will be in person where necessary (for signing of documents or for the hard of hearing) and all other meetings will be conducted over the telephone or by video conference. Meetings in the office will be with both parties wearing masks, sanitisation of meeting spaces and a large, glass screen for our safety and yours.    

If we come to your home then things should be conducted in the open if practical, otherwise with both parties wearing masks and adjacent to open windows / doors.

Our primary concern is to keep our families and our vulnerable clients safe. Vaccinated individuals can carry the virus without symptoms and can pass it on to those who are societies most vulnerable. We believe very strongly that these measures, whilst uncomfortable, are the minimum we should follow to keep those who trust us, safe.