Writing a Will can seem straightforward, but Wills are as complicated as any area of Law.

The incorrect use of commonly used words can alter the legal meaning of gifts, and cause more problems than they solve. We will not only be able to make sure that you have the right Will, but we can talk you through the different options, such as the use of Trusts and whether or not they would be appropriate in your circumstances.

You may have an existing Will and are wondering whether or not you actually need a new Will? The thing about the Law is that it is constantly changing, so to make sure that your Will is current and up-to-date with the latest legislation then you must have it reviewed periodically. For example – if your beneficiaries move this is not a reason you will need to update your Will, but if you have a ‘Discretionary Wills Trust’ put in your Will to save inheritance tax, then it is worth discussing whether or not this is still advisable.

I hold two specific degree equivalent certificates in Wills and Succession, and I have recently achieved a distinction in the highest qualification available, the STEP Advanced Certificate in Will preparation.



It is never an easy decision to make a Will and as a single parent I knew I had to do it, as I am certainly not getting any younger and had been meaning to do this for the last ten years and had not ever quite got around to doing it. One of the reasons was that I wanted someone I trusted to help me and I had looked at different solicitors  etc., but it seemed rather daunting. Then I met Kirsty, who with her friendly professionalism, explained everything  so clearly, it seemed obvious to choose The Deans Legal Services to write my Will. I am so glad I did! Throughout  the whole process…

AG, Woodingdean

Professional, personable and great value. Was dreading doing our will but Kirsty made the whole process pleasurable. Would recommend without hesitation 👍

AF, Rottingdean

We used Deans legal services for our wills recently. I was really dreading doing a will as it’s a very difficult subject to talk about. As parents though we wanted to make sure our children would be looked after if anything did happen to us. Kirsty made the whole experience much easier than I thought. She put us both at ease and explained everything very simply. Very efficient and swift in drawing up the wills. Great communication and an overall enjoyable experience.

TL, Rottingdean